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Sgt Al Brown Memoir ::

Third Signal Company Photography WWII  ::  ANZIO to AUSTRIA  ::  U.S. Third Infantry Division

dogface soldiers
special thanks

Anzio | Rome | Dragoon | Breakout | Montelimar | Vosges | Strasbourg | Colmar Pocket | Rhineland | Germany | Austria

Lee Archer ( information (German equipment) and publication of two photos in "Panzerwrecks 3"

Albert S. Brown: information, donation and allowing his memoir to appear on this site along with faithful support

Marion Chard: inspiration

Russ Cloer: information (memoir)

Jeff Danby: information (American tanks)

Gilles Guignard: information (Campaign in France) and 2006-2007 photos of the Third Division trail in France plus faithful support

Frederique Leon Guittat: information (Free French)

Michael Haines: information (American tanks)

Rich Heller: inspiration/information

Daniel Judge: donations

Daniela Lammers: support and design

Howard Nickelson: photo information

Patricia (Toomey) Joyce: support and information

Margaret Toomey: support and information

Louise Warden: sharing photos from Division HQ for the Dogface Gallery

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Anzio | Rome | Dragoon | Breakout | Montelimar | Vosges | Strasbourg | Colmar Pocket | Rhineland | Germany | Austria