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Sgt Al Brown Memoir ::

Third Signal Company Photography WWII  ::  ANZIO to AUSTRIA  ::  U.S. Third Infantry Division

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last update: March 21, 2010

Dogface Gallery
A place for visitors who want to commemorate Third Division (and related unit) soldiers with a photograph. The Gallery will also include soldiers from the collection of photographs on the site. These soldier's images always arrive with heightened emotion with great pride. Although it seriously needs a design and usability update, it stands as my favorite section. (Last Posting : January 2009.)


New Memoir:

Staff Sgt. Robert Maxwell O'Kane — 7th Regiment

Staff Sgt. Robert Maxwell O'Kane's collected stories from soldiers of B Company, 7th Regiment. O'Kane came from Dover, New Hampshire receiving two Silver Stars and 2 Purple Hearts during the war. O'Kane later served as a professor at Rutgers University, the University of North Carolina and the University of New Hampshire. These stories were collected for a 1997 Reunion program and are posted with permission of Brooks O'Kane. (July 2009)

Additions to the Dogface Gallery (July 2009)

Updates: Memoir-Al Brown/Dogface Gallery/Site Edits

Al Brown has added new stories to his memoir. See sections Do Something ... (Wheeet Wheeaa and 6x6x6) ... and Southern France (Stop It Yourself and Ooops!). (July 2009)

Updates: Memoir-Al Brown/Dogface Gallery/Site Edits

Al Brown has added "The Night Before Christmas 1944" to his Colmar section and a two stories with photos at the end of his Germany section. Several new dogfaces have been added to the Gallery and a policing of text on the site has turned up several necessary edits that have been made (January 2009)

Major Update: New Dog House has found a new home on yet another laptop. There has been no update activity on the site since February 2008 when the iMac dogface called home became a casualty. The only loss was the hardware and about 5 months of email. The site is now in edited in Windows XP with Homesite. (July 2008)

New Photos

Sister Marie found them cradled in her basement when preparing for a recent move: about 200 photos from Anzio to Salzburg including photos for the GI Entertainment tab have been scanned and are in the editing stage for posting. Be patient. (July 2008)

Third Medical's Ambulance C-11

From North Africa to Salzburg: some history on the 3rd Medical's Ambulance C-11 has been shared with help of Al Brown and Geoff Thornton, the son of C-11's driver form Anzio on, Dell Thormton. See both photo 48 and 49. (July 2008)


Al Brown has updated his memoir several times over the past year. The most recent update has just been posted: (click here) scroll to "Foxhole View" and (click here) for Negligent, Lost and Lucky (scroll to "Negligent...) (July 2008)


Memoir of Charles Owen Beardslee of the 30th Regiment. Beardslee received two Bronze Stars fighting from Africa to Germany where he was wounded in the Third Division assault on the Siegfried Line. (August 2007)

Updates >>>

New Additions to the Dogface Gallery includes officers and commanders and several Third Division HQ soldiers courtesy of Louise Warden (March 2007)

New Links:

51st Evacuation Hospital (December 2006)

Stars and Stripes (December 2006)

Info: U.S. Army Chain of Command (December 2006)

History: Caesar Line Before Rome (December 2006)

Memoir: Cpl. Howard B. Nickelson
One of the five photographers whose story is told on this Web site, has kindly allowed this memoir to appear here. Nickelson, from Livingston, Montana, was drafted in 1941 and served with the Third Division at Camp Lewis and Fort Ord before landing at Fedala in November 1943 as a member of the Tenth Engineers. Nickelson was assigned to the Third Signal Company on the Anzio Beachhead and was mustered out on points in Salzburg, Austria, two days before the German Surrender (November 2006)

VIP bios for Mark Clark and Edward Brooks added. Photos taken in 2006 by Gilles Guignard in southern France (Cavillaire, Mirabeau, Aix en Provence, La Couccurde), at the Maison Rouge Bridge, Besancon and more added as alternate images showing current views and conditions. (November 2006)

Extensive information updates from several sources and text proofing performed. Additional images added to Anzio and Colmar sections. (August 2006)

Advertisements and Affiliations
Google Advertisements and Search; and Barnes & Noble Search Affiliation has been added to the site. Viewers legitimately seeking information or making purchases through these links help to fund the continuance of the site. Any money collected by through these links is used for hosting fees, research, research materials, typing assistance, scanning, digital editing and travel. A PayPal Donation button has also been added to the main page. Donations collected will be used in the same way, as well as for educational and travel expenses such as to and from military events, Third Division reunions and the author's desire to create a European Travel Fund to visit the trail of the Third Division Photographers featured on this site (July 2006)

Anzio to Rome
With gratitude to Howard Nickelson, photographic images taken by the Third Signal Company photo team are sequenced in this section showing the Third Division on the Anzio beachhead, the breakout through Cisterna and Cori and the division's entry into Rome. Some of the caption info is from Nickelson's hand-written memoir with added notes from Al Brown whose memoir can be found on this site. (July 2006)

GI Entertainment
Post-war images of various entertainment events including Clifton Fadiman's "Information Please"; Jack Brachen's "What Do You Know?" show including shots of actress Bruni Loebel (The Big Lift), singer Margot Hielscher; and more. (July 2006)

Fuzzy's Folly
Howard Nickelson's account of the creation of the five-man photo unit on Anzio. (June 2006)

Additional photos of the photographers added featuring shots from Anzio and France along with photos of the units' lab trailer "Fuzzy's Folly". The images and the caption information are courtesy Howard Nickelson. (April 2006)

Howard Nickelson
Captioning information and notes from Howard Nickelson updates many captions and includes specific photo credit. Howard is the last surviving member of the photo group. Specific information includes the story of the photo group's creation at Anzio. (April 2006)

Memoir: Sgt. Albert Brown
First Web posting of a memoir from Staff Sgt. Albert S. Brown of Company H, 30th Regiment. Notable information on life at Anzio and Siegfried Line. This memoir was created and is hosted by (April 2006)

German Military Equipment
Special thanks to Lee Archer at for caption info relating to German heavy equipment. (March 2006)

Eight photographs added to the USO section. (February 2006)

Bio: Howard Nickelson
Bio info for Howard Nickelson added. A group of 17 photographs added to the Photographers Gallery. (February 2006)

Caption information revised to include more of the role of other units operating with the Seventh Army, especially the 45th and 36th Infantry Divisions. Captions in Austria section pertaining to The Berghof updated. (January 2006)

The VIP section has been updated with unit insignia and bios for Maj. Gen. William Eagles (45th Division) and Maj. Gen. John Dahlquist (36th Division). (January 2006)

Individual section maps showing progress and locations for each slideshow section. (January 2006)

Non-commercial links to Web sites pertaining to (January 2006)

In Development ...

Miscellaneous Photographs: More photos in slideshow format.

Death: Section under consideration of the personal devastation of war with text from photographer Bill Toomey's letters to home. UPDATE July 2008 : still under consideration with thought still evolving on format.

VIPS 2: A second section of VIP shots in slideshow format.

Letters: Selected text from Bill Toomey's letters to home. UPDATE July 2008 : About half of this project has been transcribed and about 75% of the images have been assembled.

Rose Toomey: A linked tribute page to Rose Toomey including text from "Mouthful of Rivets." UPDATE July 2008 : shamelessly still in progress.

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Anzio | Rome | Dragoon | Breakout | Montelimar | Vosges | Strasbourg | Colmar Pocket | Rhineland | Germany | Austria