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Sgt Al Brown Memoir ::

Third Signal Company Photography WWII  ::  ANZIO to AUSTRIA  ::  U.S. Third Infantry Division

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Anzio | Rome | Dragoon | Breakout | Montelimar | Vosges | Strasbourg | Colmar Pocket | Rhineland | Germany | Austria

Third Division
Blue and White Devils
Full text of Stars and Stripes' "Blue and White Devils", Published in 1945

History : Third Division / Medal of Honor recipients
Third Infantry Division history site with an almost complete list of Medal of Honor Recipients with commendation text. Missing is Rudolph Davila and Gus Kefert; list also includes three citations to soldiers of attached units (complete historical Medal of Honor records are available at CMH Online)

Society of The Third Infantry Division
Official site of the oldest continuos U.S. Army division association honoring the American Third Division since 1919

Memoir: William Heller
Photographer Sgt. William Heller's WWII Memoirs. Heller was a member of the photographic unit whose work is displayed on This site is created and maintained by his son Rich Heller and contains hundreds of links and an exhaustive collection of information dedicated to the history of the American Third Division

Memoir: Howard Nickelson
Photographer Howard Nickelson's memoir from the peacetime draft through Africa, Sicily, Italy, France and Germany; Nickelson was one of the first two photographer's picked to form "Fuzzy's Folly" on the Anzio beachhead

Memoir: Staff Sgt. Albert S. Brown
Albert S. Brown of Florida joined the Third Division in November 1943 on the lines at Cassino. Al was a staff sergeant with Company H of the 30th Regiment. His eye-witness accounts on Anzio afford a gritty glimpse of the day to day life on the bloody beachhead. He also adds perspective to the action against the Siegfried Line in Rimschweiller and Zwiebrucken.

Memoir: Captain Russ Cloer
An exceptional memoir by Capt. Russ Cloer, I & R Platoon leader, 7th Regiment, Third Division. Cloer, from Rosselle Park, New Jersey, entered the Army in June 1943 at age 22 after four years of ROTC at Rutgers University. He joined the Third Division at Anzio in February 1944. This is a printable document at 69 pages

Memoir: Sgt. Norman Mohar
An exceptionally detailed memoir by Sgt. Norman Mohar of the Second Battalion, 30th Regiment Ammunition and Pioneer Platoon. Mohar, from Cle Elum, Washington, was drafted at age 18 in Feb. 1943 and joined the Third Division fight as a replacement on the front lines at Cassino. He was seriously wounded at Sigolsheim but rejoined his unit to finish the battle in the Colmar Pocket

Memoir: Pfc. James Tolby Anderson
Memoir by Pfc. James Tolby Anderson, 30th Regiment, Ammunition and Pioneer Platoon, 2nd Battalion entered the fight at Anzio and fought through Austria. Anderson was drafted at age 18 in June 1943 from Abington, Virginia

Memoir: Pfc. Joseph F. Englert
Memoir by Pfc. Joseph F. Englert, Company E - Second Battalion, 7th Regiment, who joined the Third Division as a replacement prior to the battle at St. Die. Englert, drafted at age 18 in July 1943 from New Orleans, was wounded entering Germany and was later liberated by his own division at Heppenheim

The Texas Division : 36th Infantry Division
Web site of the 36th Infantry Division Association

Thunderbirds : The 45th Infantry Division
A living history organization dedicated to preserving the history of the 45th Division

756th Tank Battalion
Commemorative site featuring text and photos relating to the 756th Tank Battalion

254th Regiment
The 254th Regiment of the 63rd Infantry Division was attached to the Third Division for the action in the Colmar Pocket

85th Engineer Heavy Ponton Battalion
"Bridge at Worms" link includes battle reports of the Rhine River crossing and the building of the Alexander Patch Bridge. There is a lot of text and photographs on this site to explore

VI Corps : Combat Engineers
A tribute site commemorating the 36th, 39th and 540th Engineers

51st Evacuation Hospital
The 51st Evacuation Hospital was assigned to the Seventh Army and treated the soldiers of the Third Division in Naples, southern France, Colmar and Germany

History: Caesar Line Before Rome
Site dedicated to the history and reenacment activities of the last German defensive line protecting Rome

Southern France Liberation Historical Site
French language site for support of an invasion museum ... the gallery on the left has many photos of restored military equipment, reenactment events and includes a slide show (bottom of gallery: "operation dragoon") with some of the images found on (translate at

Memorial Museum of the Colmar Pocket
Located near Colmar in Turckheim, this French language site highlights the museum's exhibits. (translate at

The Liberation of Lure
French language site dedicated to the liberation of Lure by the Third Division on Sept. 16, 1944 ... site includes an amazing collection of photos documenting this event and an interesting list of links (translate at

Natzweiler-Struthof Camp
Many photos of the French concentration camp liberated by the Third Division near Strasbourg where many of the French Resistance were held and executed

My Father: a Free French
A tribute site from the daughter of Robert Leon who served as a driver for U.S. Colonel Thuarie attached to the First French Army as a liaison officer

French Military Photo Archives
Incredible photo collections from French photographers including an extensive sections on Marseille, Vosges, Strasbourg and Colmar (browse collection photos under "research/archive" tab)

Hitler's Berghof in Homes and Gardens
November 1938 article from the British Homes & Gardens featuring text and photos of Hitler's Berghof at Obersalzburg and the controversy surrounding the article and the Web site

The Bridge at Worms
German language site with the history of the Nibelungen Bridge at Worms, the site of the Alexander Patch Bridge on the Rhine River (translate at

Third Reich in Ruins
A fascinating collection of "Before and After" photos of several German cities and landmarks — including an extensive section on Berchtesgaden and Obersalzburg — by Geoff Walden

Otto Skorzeny
An online bio of Otto Skorzeny by Rob Vest

The White Rose Society
A tale of Munich's White Rose Society and the price of Nazi opposition in Germany

Occupation of Germany 1944-1946
Army Historical series report from the Center for Military History detailing information of the Occupation of Germany immediately after WWII

Austrian Occupation
Web site dealing with the immediate occupation of Austria in 1945

Eisenhower, Berlin and the National Redoubt
An academic Web journal authored by Jeff Korte, M.A. Candidate, Department of History, University of Saskatchewan

The Army
Center for Military History
Online bookshelf of a large list of publications including the 50th Anniversary Collection (scroll down to list of "WWII CAMPAIGNS") ... There is a link to the home page of this extensive site at the bottom of the list

Stars and Stripes
Web site of Stars and Stripes, the GIs newspaper, including WWII archives

WW2 Information Site
An incredible and extensive look at the American military during WW2 from a reenactment perspective... visitors can navigate to several sections with extensive and unique information

Sherman Tanks
An online article from a modeling Web site with a great look at the Sherman Tank with photos of the real thing and miniatures

Info: U.S. Army Chain of Command
Web page detailing the unit breakdown of the American Army in WWII

Third Division Reenactors: FOX CO.
Fighting FOX CO. from Virginia represents the 30th Infantry Regiment.

Third Division Reenactors: 30th Regiment
Interesting information and photos from this Third Infantry Division Reenactment Group focused on the 30th Regiment in WWII. Site includes a look at field gear and weapons

Third Division Reenactors: 15th Regiment
Interesting information and photos from this Third Infantry Division Reenactment Group focused on the 15th Regiment in WWII

Photos and More
Photo Collection of Melvin C. Shaffer
Hosted by the Southern Methodist University, this site contains photographs of Africa, Italy, southern France and Germany by Melvin C. Shaffer who was assigned as a photographer to the 8th Evacuation Hospital that travelled in proximity to the Third Division

Ridin' Hitler's Horse
Scroll to the bottom below the photos to read a tribute to Gerald Hall of the 157th Regiment, 45th Infantry Division, including a photo and anecdote of "Hitler's horse"

WW2 Records at the National Archives
Link to the record search page of the National Archive for online WW2 records

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Anzio | Rome | Dragoon | Breakout | Montelimar | Vosges | Strasbourg | Colmar Pocket | Rhineland | Germany | Austria