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Sgt Al Brown Memoir ::

Third Signal Company Photography WWII  ::  ANZIO to AUSTRIA  ::  U.S. Third Infantry Division

dogface soldiers

Anzio | Rome | Dragoon | Breakout | Montelimar | Vosges | Strasbourg | Colmar Pocket | Rhineland | Germany | Austria

Denis Toomey was born in Beverly, Massachusetts in 1956 to Rose Judge and William Toomey.

Denis attended California State University at Chico, California with a focus in communications and art. He published Echo Magazine with partners Bill Craig and Kevin Jeys in Chico from 1982-1984. In Seattle from 1987-1994, Toomey published Wire magazine (with Bill Hartnett and Dave Ehrich) and Urban Spelunker (with David Fewster, Melissa Rossi, Laura Lampe, Anne Grgich, Steve Giliberto and Daniela Lammers). Under a pen name of Brian Less Denis has had music reviews published in the San Francisco Weekly, Option Magazine and The Stranger. From 2001-2003 Toomey worked for the Daily Journal of Commerce in Seattle as a page compositor; writing articles on alternative construction methods; and editing weekly content.

Toomey also worked as a radio announcer at KCSC and KFMF in Chico and KCMU in Seattle from 1980-1994 and is currently an announcer at WCOM in Carrboro, North Carolina.

Denis is currently employed at Managed mail Services (MMS) in Asheville, NC as a pre-press artist.

Dogface Soldiers was developed from 2003-2005.

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Anzio | Rome | Dragoon | Breakout | Montelimar | Vosges | Strasbourg | Colmar Pocket | Rhineland | Germany | Austria